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Derwen Garden Centre

Shrubs for all year round

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Colourful perennials

We pride ourselves in having a large range of plants and trees at the garden centre. One of our benefits here is our connection with the Dingle nurseries who as well as growing over 200 acres of trees open ground and many of their own potted plants, also source plants from all over Europe. What we can’t get from the nursery we source from elsewhere holding a vast range of trees, shrubs, perennials, conifers, succulents, climbers, roses, and alpines. 

Shrubs : The shrub selection offers a diverse array of choices to satisfy every landscaping need and aesthetic preference. This carefully curated collection boasts an extensive range of evergreen shrubs, providing year-round greenery and structure to your garden. For those seeking low-maintenance solutions or vibrant underplanting options, the ground cover shrubs make for an excellent choice, with their ability to fill in spaces and suppress weeds. To add a touch of visual delight and elegance to your outdoor space, the ornamental shrubs stand ready to enchant with their captivating blooms and unique foliage. Whether you’re aiming to create a private sanctuary, a vibrant garden border, or a serene, Zen-inspired landscape, our garden center’s shrub selection has the perfect plants to bring your vision to life.

Trees : Most of the trees we stock at the garden centre are grown here at our sister nurery where we have over 300 acres of land dedicated to growing them.  The garden center boasts a vast array of trees, from towering evergreens to delicate flowering varieties, providing a diverse selection for every landscaping need. 

Perennials & Grasses : We stock a range of perennials and grasses to suit all sorts of different styles like prairie planting, mixed borders, wildlife areas, and more formal borders.  The perennials, with their steadfast colour return year after year, offering a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, from the elegant blooms of peonies and irises to the whimsical daisies and lilies.  There are also a variety of ornamental grasses, their feathery fronds and graceful arches adding texture and movement to the landscape. Whether you’re seeking a burst of vibrant color or a serene, swaying landscape, this collection of perennials and grasses offers a harmonious blend of timeless beauty that will transform any garden into a place of enduring charm.

Conifers : From dwarf varieties for rockeries and pots, to larger conifers for screening or for the back of a border, or ground covering plants, you can find them all here. 

Roses : We stock a range of Hybrid T’s, Floribundas, Shrub Roses, Patio Roses, and climbing Roses. We have our largest selection in early summer. 

Climbers: Evergreens, scented climbers, flowering climbers and climbers for shade.