Shropshire Salumi

Shropshire Salumi is a small company based to the north of Shrewsbury producing handmade Salami the traditional way, priding themselves on the quality of ingredients and artisan methods. All the pork used in the production is outdoor reared Gloucester Old Spot sourced less than 2 miles from the premised where they are prepared and never use mass reared pork, taking pride knowing that their pigs are happy pigs!  All spices used are sourced from ethical suppliers and they use traditional casings for their products.

​Although you may not think of Shropshire when thinking of salami however they produce full flavoured, richly textured salamis and cured meats, created by hand, just how they should be!

All Shropshire Salami's are are hung for a minimum of 30 days in order to fully cure to ensure the best flavour experience for you!

We stock: Classic, Hunter's, Fennel and Chilli & Ale.​

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