Farr's Field Orchard

Farr’s Field Orchard near Bishop's Frome in Herefordshire, is now one of the few remaining small commercial top fruit orchards. They use no sprays or chemicals and the fruit is harvested manually and carefully. They still use their old grey Fergie tractor, scythes, and sickles to control the vegetation and the crop is weighed on our vintage Avery scales.

Run by the Pearce family, all fruit is hand-picked and hand sorted, so only the best go for juicing. They grow the popular varieties of Spartan, Fiesta, and Red Falstaff, but also the much rarer Herefordshire Russet and the vintage varieties of Blenheim Orange, and Pitmaston Pineapple; an apple naturally flavoured with …….delicate hints of pineapple.

We stock a wide range of their Apple and Pear juices, as well as their still cider.

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