Alpines for walls or paths

Erigeron karvinkianus : A beautiful spreading plant with a succession of tiny white and pink daisy like flowers over a long period from late spring and into the autumn. Flowers deepen as the season goes on. Ideal for in walls or inbetween steps on paths. 

Aubretia x cultorum : Very popular fast growing perennial creating mounds of colour. Ideal for planting in walls or on paths. They come in all shades of mauve, pink, blue and white in single or semi double form. 

Helianthemum nummularium : known as the 'rock rose'. Spreading plants which will grow over rocks or in walls. Flowers are rose like, and colours include whites, reds, salmon, pink, and yellow. 

Cerastium tomentosum : Fast growing, mat forming perennial with pointed leaves and star shaped white flowers in summer. Ideal for planting in walls or in amongst rocks. 

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A selection of Alpines for walls or paths

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