Whether it is a box spiral, a tree pruned to look as though green clouds have been caught in its branches, or a simple evergreen ball, topiary in all its many forms is as popular today as it was in Roman times where the villas of the rich were lined with avenues of animals clipped out of box and yew. The Italians revived topiary during the Renaissance and have kept this garden craft alive ever since. They give us spirals and fanciful shapes but it is the Japanese who have given us the beautiful cloud pruned evergreens that we admire today. Although these large specimens can take some years to grow and train even the most intricate, once trained, is easily clipped.

From cloud pruned trees of the tiny-leaved Japanese Holly, Ilex Crenata to balls of box, Buxus Sempervirens, and spirals of Yew, Taxus baccata we have some of the finest specimens that you can find. Whether you want cones, to stand either side of a doorway, or cylinders of Yew, to add structure to a border, you will find them here. You can, of course, go to our hedging website for a selection of simple shapes but to see our fine cloud-pruned topiary we urge you to visit and picture one of these beauties in your own garden.

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