Ornamental Trees

We are almost unique in selling not only a very wide range of young trees but in supplying mature trees which give a newly established garden instant maturity.

Our lovely acers, from deep plum purple to gold, whether with finely cut leaves or as mature trees would suite any garden as would our many birches, whether single or multi-stemmed. The Indian bean tree, Catalpa bignoniodes 'Aurea' has large, heart-shaped golden leaves and white and purple panicles of flowers followed by slender pods whilst the delightful little katsura tree, Cercidiphyllum japonicum bears small heart-shaped leaves that unfurl as copper before turning green and in autumn pink and pale yellow that scent the air with the aroma of toffee. Nothing is lovelier than a flowering cherry in spring and Prunus 'Okame' with its masses of carmine rose flowers is just one of many that we stock.

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A selection of Ornamental Trees

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