Building a pond

You can add water features to your garden whatever its size. From small container ponds or flexible liner for a pond in whatever shape you want – you'll find them all in our garden centre. Follow our five steps to install your pond safely and successfully. We also have pumps for ponds and water features. 

1: Dig your hole to the size you want. A depth of 75cm is plenty for most ponds: cut shelves into the sides for planting (if using a rigid liner, follow its contours).

2: Remove stones and any debris sticking out of the ground which might puncture your liner.

3: Line the hole with a thick 5cm layer of sand, (or use pond underlay),so your liner sits on a smooth surface. Old carpet works well, too.

4: Install the liner: unfold liner completely before working it into place, keeping creases to a minimum. Rigid liners must be completely level: adjust as necessary, then back-fill round the edges with more sand.

5: Fill with water using rainwater from your water butts if possible to avoid tap water chemicals. If you have to use tap water, let it stand for a few days before introducing fish.

Please ask the staff at our garden centre for more information and advice about building ponds.

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