Pinks, whites, reds, purples:- 5L pots @ £11.90 each or 5 for £49.00 10L pots @ £25.00 each or 3 for £59.00

Valid until 31 May 2021


We have a large selection of Pieris in 10L pots. Varieties include 'Cupido', 'Debutante, Purity, jap. 'Variegata', Temple Bells', taiwanensis and Valley Rose. 10L pots @ £25 each or 2 for £45.00

Valid until 30 June 2021

Pots 50% off

We have a huge selection of pots at a 50 % discount, making them a very cheap buy! Plant up some pots to colour up your deck, patio or garden.

Valid until 31 January 2022

4 plants for £9.90

We have a great selection of quality ornamental shrubs, ornamental grasses, and herbaceous perennials in 2L pots for just £9.90! Great if you have got a space to fill quickly.

Valid until 31 December 2021

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