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Derwen Garden Centre


The perfect gift for food lovers, ready made or made to order.
Simply choose your ingredients and our staff will put your hamper together for you.

The Farm Shop has all the foody ingredients you might need for the festive season as well as an array of special tasty gifts and hampers. 


Ready made or made to order, hampers are the perfect gift for the food lover. Choose your own ingredients and hamper packaging and we will put it together for you. Prices range from £20-£150

Turkeys & Geese

Our free range Kelly Bronze turkeys come from Brisbournes in Shrewsbury where they are free to roam on green pastures and fed on home grown wheat. Order at the farm shop before 10th December. 

Pork & Bacon

Local free range gammon, ham, pork joints, chippolatas and bacon to order or in the shop. 

Nut Roasts

Delicious home made luxury nut roasts available from ‘Thank Goodness’


We have a huge selection of Welsh, Spanish and local cheeses available right up until Christmas Eve. 


Freshly baked bread available to order or in the shop .

Fruit & Veg 

Top quality fresh fruit and veg available up until and on Christmas Eve. 

We like to focus on local and quality food, all of our meat and eggs are free range, and best of all we like to serve it with a smile !